Water & Sewer

Policies - April 2012

Water regulations adopted.


Water/sewer bylaws adopted effective March 1, 1991.

Little Pond has been designated a restricted water supply area and protected watershed area.

Council does not accept responsibility of clothes damaged or stained due to water.

Water/Sewer for apartments or rented houses to be billed to the owner of property, not the tenant.

Connection Fees     - Water $ 100.00                   Sewer - $ 50.00

No permits will be issued by Council to do any excavation of sewer lines on weekends.  There will be absolutely no tampering with main line without the Maintenance Man being there to supervise.

No connections to main line between Nov 15 and May 15 unless otherwise approved by council.

The depth for waterlines should be a minimum of 5 feet.

Decision that persons having sewer lines extended to low water mark by contractor to be charged a connection fee as well as monthly sewer rates.

Maintenance Man to be present when connections to water and or sewer takes place.

After a business has been deemed closed it will be exempted from the water/sewer rate for the first two years then it will be charged the fee applicable to a vacant serviced lot.

All monies owing council after December 31 of current year must be paid byJune 30 of the following year otherwise water/sewer will be disconnected.

Water/Sewer to a maximum of 35 Feet or to the boundary line whichever is closer.  In cases where the water line is going through the main road the resident will be responsible for the cost to replace the pavement back to its original condition.

A curb stop leak on the owner’s side of the curb stop will be cost shared up to a maximum of $ 200.00.  This would be done by way of an application at the Town Office.  The materials used would still be the responsibility of the property owner.

All properties must have a working shut off valve coming from the main line.

Basement Apartments will not be charged separate w/s rates when occupied by family members.

Council is not responsible for anyone having a backup due to drains going into town sewer.  Sewer back ups will not be compensated by the town unless liability is proven through insurance.

Home based business with a single w/s line to the building will only pay one w/s bill.

A $ 10.00 fee for convenience shutoff or turn on water.  In the Winter Months the homeowner is responsible to clear the site.

The Town is not responsible for personal pavement unless the Town is responsible for the damages occurred.

If there is a water/sewer problem the Town office should be notified and the Town will undertake to determine if the problem is the responsibility of the homeowner or the Town.  Council will not be responsible for expenses occurred without prior approval.

All repairs to water/sewer must be compliant with Workplace, Health and Safety Regulations.